Ceremony Script Writing Service

Sometimes, couples know someone who'd be great at delivering their ceremony, but they lack the experience of all the moving parts involved on the day and wouldn't know where to start when it comes to putting a ceremony together which flows smoothly.   

That's where my Ceremony Script Writing Service can help - I can work with you to develop your ceremony and then brief whoever will deliver it so that they are fabulous on the day.  A perfect blend of a professionally-written, personalised ceremony, delivered on the day by someone special to you...

Please note that the script writing service is not available for Short and Sweet Ceremonies.

How does it work?

The process works in the same was as if I was delivering your ceremony, only I'm not there on the day.  In addition to designing your ceremony with you, I will have a 1 hour coaching session with the person delivering your ceremony (face-to-face if the geogrpahy allows it) - this is so I can brief them on the things that most people wouldn't even think about, such as agreeing cues with the venue organiser so they know exactly when the bridal party will enter the room, etc.  I will provide pdf copies of all the documents needed for your ceremony, and for a modest additional cost, I can provide printed copies too.  A DIY ceremony, in effect!

What does it cost?

For a Calluna ceremony that is personalised 100%, including a coaching session with the person officiating, pdf files of all the documents needed for your ceremony, and guidance notes on running the ceremony, the cost for 2024/25 is £450.  If hard copy documents are also required, there is an additional fee of £25.