celebrate with a personalised ceremony...


I offer a range of family ceremonies all of which are personalised 100% (or have personal touches) and include:

  • weddings: which can also be called a "wedding encore" (for ceremonies taking place after a statutory civil marriage ceremony)
  • vow renewals
  • commitment ceremonies
  • naming ceremonies
  • other ceremony types
  • short-notice ceremonies

While you're here, have a look at some ceremony ideas below too...

Script Writing Service

I also offer a script writing service where I write the script according to your brief and someone else delivers it on the day.  Please contact me for further details. 

Short Notice Ceremonies

sometimes, love can't wait...


Not every ceremony is planned years in advance.  It’s worth asking me about dates that are only a few weeks or months away.  If it’s feasible, I’ll work with you within your timescales - and I'll be honest with you about what can be achieved in the time available.   I managed to bring one fully personalised ceremony to life within a fortnight... 

Ceremony Ideas

the sky's the limit...


I’d love to hear all your ideas for your family ceremony, and I’ll be able to suggest a few of my own too. 






How about holding your ceremony: 

- on a beach, in woodland or in your back garden (I have umbrellas just in case...)?

- under the stars, on a bus, boat or train?

- with animals playing starring roles (as long as they are treated respectfully)?

- with friends and loved ones joining in, in many different ways?

What about:

- exchanging personal vows and/or promises that you've written yourself (with some help from me, if you need it)?

- including any music, poetry, stories and readings which are meaningful to you?

- including a symbolic ritual such as a sand ceremony or a ribbon handtying?